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Welcoming Surge 09

We are thrilled to welcome the incredible founders of Surge 09 to our community.

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Why We Launched Surge

Surge turns 4 this week, and we’ve grown into a community of 300+ founders and 130+ startups! It’s been a huge privilege for our team to play a small part…


Surge 08 is Out to Change the World!

Each of our Surge 08 founders is inspiring us by their pioneering work and their ability to reimagine their sectors. We caught a glimpse of what the world could look…

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Pathfinders: Opening Doors For Global Startups from India & SEA

Pathfinders is one more step in the pursuit of our mission to help the daring build legendary companies, from idea to IPO and beyond.

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Meet the Audacious Founders of Surge 07

We’re excited to partner with these dreamers, innovators and category creators, who we believe will change the future of our region.

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AI, Deep tech startups dominate Peak XV’s ninth cohort of Surge

The venture capital firm received 4.800 applications, the highest-ever under Surge. A majority, or 10 of 13, of the startups from the current cohort are focused on artificial intelligence (AI)…

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AI Firms Dominate Peak XV’s Latest Program to Boost Startups

Venture capital firm Peak XV Partners said the latest batch of its accelerator program are made up mainly of AI and deep tech startups, as global investors jostle to be…

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Peak XV’s latest Surge batch is 77% AI and deep tech startups

AI and other deep technologies are the prevailing themes in the new early-stage cohort from Peak XV Partners, as the largest India and Southeast Asia-focused VC fund intensifies its search…

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Deeptech Playbooks Are Being Written By Early Stage Startups Today: Peak XV’s Rajan Anandan

Deeptech startups in India today are writing the playbooks and building the precedents that will keep the Indian tech and digital economy on pace with global developments, believes Rajan Anandan,…

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Deep tech, AI, quantum ventures lead Peak XV Surge’s ninth cohort

Peak XV Partners' scale-up programme Surge has chosen 13 early-stage startups for its ninth cohort, focusing on deeptech, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, and quantum computing. Surge has shifted its sectoral…

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Types of start-ups in India and Southeast Asia have become more ‘broad-based’: Venture capital firm

Rajan Anandan of Sequoia Capital India discusses the biggest themes that have emerged in the region’s start-up scene over the past couple of years, and how the company helps start-ups…

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Sequoia’s Surge unveils its eighth cohort of 12 startups across India and Southeast Asia

“Half of the startups in Surge’s eighth cohort have at least one female founder. Surge 08 also includes two health tech companies using AI to improve insurance and medical imaging,…

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Surge Unveils 20 More Startups It Is Backing To Make The Big Time

Three years almost to the day after launching Surge, Sequoia Capital India is today unveiling the sixth cohort of its scale-up program for startups based in India and the wider…

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Sequoia heats up early-stage startup investments in India and Southeast Asia

Portfolio startups of Surge, Sequoia's early-stage focused investments effort launched in 2019, have collectively raised over $2B in follow-on funding

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Sequoia goes after early-stage with an accelerator program in India and Southeast Asia

Sequoia India is going deep into early-stage investing after it announced an accelerator program, Surge, which is focused on fledging startups in India and Southeast Asia, the two regions that…


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