Welcoming Surge 09

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We are thrilled to welcome the incredible founders of Surge 09 to our community.

Welcoming Surge 09
Founders gathered in Singapore for the first week of Surge 09.

Founders from 13 startups came together in Singapore on 17 October to kick off Surge 09 – the latest cohort of our seed platform for company builders. Surge 09 comprises seven startups from India, four from Southeast Asia, and two from Australia.

This promising group of builders features founders from diverse backgrounds – some started working on their startups while they were still in college, a few are repeat founders, while others come from academia and hold PhDs. Surge 09 also has several seasoned veterans who left their jobs to pursue their entrepreneurial calling.

These meticulously chosen startups represent our continued commitment to back and support the most audacious founders in our region. Surge 09 is a great reflection of the incredible growth of AI and DeepTech innovations across our region, with 10 of the 13 startups focused on or leveraging these technologies to tackle problems across an array of industries.

Among the startups that make up Surge 09 are two semiconductor companies on a mission to advance and cement India’s global leadership position in the semiconductor industry, a ClimateTech startup that has taken on the ambitious mantle of producing green hydrogen efficiently to revolutionize industries, a HealthTech company focused on diagnosing and mitigating early brain decline, and a quantum computing company. We’re also excited to partner with the next generation of AI companies that are building domain models in several areas, developing AI tooling, and pioneering the AI workforce.

We are thrilled to partner and work with these inspiring founders to help them build the future they see.

To meet Surge 09, click here.

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Welcoming Surge 09
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