Our Story

Build the future you see

We believe the power to shape tomorrow lies with founders building companies today.
We're here to help outlier founders lay the foundations for companies that will endure.

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At Peak XV Partners, we believe outlier founders and ideas shape the future of humanity; and that in the relentless pursuit of building enduring companies, underdog startups can displace powerful incumbents. In 2019, we launched Surge to help founders lay the foundations for companies that will endure.

Surge combines up to $3 million of capital with a learning program and company-building support that draws on a deep pool of ‘tribal knowledge’ our team has gained from working with companies across markets and sectors, and drills down deep into the fundamentals of sustainable growth.

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We bring in seasoned founders from Peak XV’s portfolio to share candid experiences and crucible moments.  We keep cohorts small, to make sure our team has enough one-on-one time with founders.

From hiring and product design to marketing and business models, our goal is to help increase the odds of success for every Surge startup.